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    52% of users who click on your advertisement contact you immediately

    The fastest way to make your customers reach you is through PPC advertising, when your ads are displayed on the top the users are bound to call you and you will have more chances of converting the lead




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    PPC ads are cost-effective

    Yes, you read it right! PPC Ads are cost effective, as you have to pay only when your visitors click on your ads. The conversion rate for such clicks are way higher, It will be worth your money

    We leverage the right digital marketing channels and pages to make your PPC ads cost-effective

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    You Can See the Results Immediately

    If you're a startup or the one who needs immediate results Paid Ads are “your cup of tea”, as they produce instant results with effective conversions. With such increased quality leads you can grow your business immediately

    Our team of highly skilled marketing experts can nurture the leads obtained by PPC ads and convert them

    Paid advertising in social media and search engines can produce remarkable results

    At Glidebyond we use a combination of both social media and google advertising to come up with successful paid campaigns to increase sales

    Google Ads

    95% of searches happen in google. When you display your ads in google you are bound to end up with more customers which will be a value to the money you spend. Google Ads is a huge part of paid advertising

    • Higher Conversion
    • Drive more traffic to your website
    • Get more enquiry

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    Facebook Ads

    70% of business owners say they generate leads on social media. So it is important to concentrate on social media ads to complete your social media strategy and Facebook is the largest player among the social platforms.

    • Reach more people
    • Quality leads
    • 90% of spend used in directly reaching customers

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    Instagram Ads

    Instagram is a very vibrant platform that mostly relies on images and videos to get the maximum attention. Instagram ads can reach up to 850 million people worldwide.

    • More click rate
    • Successfully reaching your customers
    • Visually display your ads

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    LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn ads reach the leading professionals who are responsible for decision-making in companies that may require your products or services. Your B2B Ads work best on LinkedIn.

    • 227% more effective than Facebook in lead generation
    • Connect with your audience
    • Quality B2B conversion

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    Utilize Your Social Space to the Maximum

    When you create and publish an ad on any social media platform there is a huge chance of your customer viewing and clicking it. This is considered as a lead and we can help you to convert the lead

    Talk to our marketing experts with more than a decade of experience to find out how we do it

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    Paid advertising is an online advertising model where advertisers bid to participate in real-time auctions in order to show their ads within slots on a specific platform or network
    Through paid advertising, you need to pay for ad space in exchange for use of that space. The price to be paid for the ad space is determined through a bidding process between marketers and the ad space owner. There are many categories, including pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI), and display ads
    Pay-per-click is a form of paid advertising that allows you to pay to have your website on the search engine result page (SERP) when someone types in specific keywords or phrases to the search engine. You must pay when a person clicks on your ads
    PPC ad spend is how much you pay, each time your ad is clicked on. This metric allows you to analyze keywords over a period of time and also reveals the estimated ad spending and budget of your competitors.
    One can advertise on the pages where customers most sighted prefer to login or on the pages they regularly open which induces the customers to view and develop an interest to purchase and also in the popular social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook etc ether on the top, on the or in the middle of the content almost in all website
    To make it successful you must follow these viewpoints: Audience research, Use landing pages, Build a funnel, Track your campaigns, Advertising Budget control, A/B testing and Retargeting and Remarketing.
    It should be 15 seconds or less so that people are more likely to watch until the end. So that people watch for short and crisp information. They will be feeling interested and will view the ad again.
    Cost effective – because you only pay when a user actually reaches your website, it can be good value for money. You can decide to spend as much as you like, while choosing the demographics, location etc
    However, to answer this directly yes, people do click on paid ads, it’s just a very small percentage. That’s right, around 94% of all search traffic goes to organic results over paid ads
    On average, businesses should expect to pay $1-$2 per click to advertise on the Google Search Network. Every month, a small and medium-sized business spends money on PPC. This equates to approximately per year

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