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    More than 15% of the Global Sales Happens Online

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    Boost Your Business With an eCommerce Website

    eCommerce websites have become so popular among consumers in the recent times. With a highly efficient eCommerce website, you can impress your customers, increase your conversions, and generate more revenue

    People who visit your website will primarily look at your product descriptions and images, and when they are convinced there is a great chance of them becoming your customers

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    Choose the Type of eCommerce Website You Want

    An ideal eCommerce website should properly communicate what you sell to your customers. The website should also give your users an easily navigable experience, be it B2B, B2C, D2C, etc

    Glidebyond has great experience in building and developing eCommerce websites through various platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and so on

    We Guide You In Choosing the Right Platform

    Choosing the right platform to host your website depends on your product range. For example, your products can be common or niche

    Single Brand Website

    Most of the eCommerce websites are single brand, single owner websites. They may belong to a shop owner or a Brand. The best choice for these websites are Magento, Woocomerce and Shopify with built in features which you can make use of

    • Target Customers
    • Add and Sell Products
    • More Business

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    Multi Brand Website

    Such websites have multiple sellers under a common owner like Amazon and Flipkart, any individual can list their products and sell them online, but they must follow the rules of the website owner. These websites work best if built on WordPress and BigCommerce

    • Sell more products
    • Easy for the buyers
    • More Items

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    Market Place

    Here vendors and buyers connect under one roof to buy and sell their products like Amazon. The Individual sellers list their products here and the consumer buys it, under the rules of the hosting website. Marketplace websites are built on WordPress

    • Sell more products
    • More Items
    • Easy for the buyers

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    Affiliate Website

    Affiliate websites host other sellers' products for a commission. When a website has a considerable amount of traffic they earn extra by listing other products in exchange for a commission, generating additional income

    • Leads
    • Direct sales
    • More items to buy

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    Get a Mind blowing Ecommerce Website For Your Brand

    Identifying your target audience is the first milestone of any ecommerce company. Do your research on the buyer persona and create a content strategy that serves the purpose. Your content is the deciding factor in converting the viewers into customers

    Choose the right type of eCommerce website to host your products so that you don’t have to find yourself in a tight spot later

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    eCommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.
    Although there are notable differences in starting an ecommerce business compared with starting a brick-and-mortar business — there are also a number of similarities. As we’ll discuss below, many of the planning and legal steps you’ll need to take will follow the same process (more or less) than any other business.Find product opportunities and choose what to sell. Thoroughly research your competition and write a business plan. Choose your shipping strategy and set sales and marketing goals. Launch your business.
    Shopify, Zyro, Wix, Bigcommerce, Square, Bluehost, are the best platforms for ecommerce.
    eCommerce is transactional based which can be made at any time but in the case of a website it provides only information.
    Building your own eCommerce business is exciting and challenging. At a rapid pace you’ll learn a lot about choosing a product, evaluating its viability, and finding out how to get it produced.
    It depends on the time & type of business you deal with the present market condition, upskilling your demand for your product in the market and making the sales by efficiently,effectively attracting the customers in the product on looking over the website.
    Sales can be increased by using the following methods: Determine your sales goals, Focus on clear brand messaging, Implement live chat to improve sales conversions, Focus on your website’s user experience, Deploy chatbots for 24×7 sales conversions, Run paid ads to increase online sales, Offer free trial without commitment, Increase online sales with social proof , Drive relevant traffic using social media, Incorporate good quality product images & videos, Offer a money-back guarantee, Avoid friction on checkout pages ,Offer great deals & discounts and Make use of communities to boost online sales Capture your visitors’ emails.
    Typically it takes a startup business 6 months to one year from initial idea to product launch and their first paying customers. Service businesses can be launched in 3 months, online businesses in 30 days and retail stores, restaurants, and clothing lines commonly take one year from conception to launch.
    Yes, Since it is easy for a person to make payment available at any time. The customers are able to get their favorite items at any time.
    Your end-to-end eCommerce process includes all the steps from when your customer places an order until that order is delivered. Improving efficiencies can improve customer experience and increase profit margins

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