Totco Foods Case Study

With a well-executed campaign, we helped Totco achieve its goals through Paid Ads & PPC marketing

Totco Foods is an e-commerce business in which young entrepreneurs have given the traditional homemade food business a different dimension. They introduced the traditionally homemade small-scale retail business in a large-scale format. The main objective of this campaign was to develop a digital ads strategy to drive more traffic to their website, increasing their conversions and revenue


Increase in User Engagement


Boost in Website Conversion


Revenue through Retargeting Ads

The Challenge

These homemade foods have been a part of South Indian homes for generations and need no further introduction. But, despite being consumed by all, regularly, they had to build their customer base for Totco Foods as most people prefer to buy these products in a retail store. We had to work on a plan to familiarise the concept and increase their overall revenue.

The Strategy

They needed an immediate push in the market to introduce their brand to customers. So our team worked tirelessly to boost their traffic and sales using a combined strategy of SEO, and Social Media Marketing to help them achieve their goals in business.

We used high-intent keywords for SEO, built backlinks and enhanced the site’s architecture to improve its organic traffic, and brought in leads using paid marketing through social media ads and Google ads.

The Result

Through our combined strategy we increased their revenue and brought in 65% more unique users

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